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iOS and Android Mobile App

Building Native App

A native app is written in the programming language specific for a platform. For apps that require more complex requirements, you should build a native app.

or Hybrid App?

Hybrid app is using web development language (like HTML, CSS, or Javascript) and then translate this over to native iOS or Android code.

Compare to Natvie App, Hybrid App development cost is less.

or Native + Hybrid App?

More interactive so it feels like an app on mobile devices.

  • Native App Design

    It can be similar like Native App UI Design.

  • Navigation Tab

    Switch your view quickly like Native App.

  • Remember Me

    Always in logon mode as Native App Features.

  • Push Notification

    Hybrid app can setup push message too.

  • Store Locator

    It can include google map for store locator.

  • Maintenance Cost

    Low maintenance cost compare to native app.

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